Book Excerpts

A Closer Look

Ladies here we will dive into the book and pull out jewels from different chapters and take a closer look and dig a little deeper into what God is saying to us.

Chapter 1

PG. 7

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever been told, "You will never find love, because you are too (fill in the blanks)___________

Many of us fell for the lie, because that broken, injured, and hurt part of us made us feel like we didn't deserve better. There are so many beliefs about what others think love is. Then there is the TRUTH...found in the word of God.

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Chapter 1

Knowing God's Love

Growing up without both parents was extremely difficult, especially without a father, who is suppose to be every girl's hero, protector, and provider. This may not be every girls story. Maybe you were blessed to be reared by your dad, but I wasn't, and It birth a lot of my pain, hurt, rejection, and ultimately rebellious that created what I later found out was tough skin.

I wanted to be loved, but the walls I built to protect and provide for myself forced me to become my own hero, and that made it difficult for others to love me and for me to receive their love.

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